International Workshop: Tracing the Agency of Sound, University of Bern, 09.02.2019


Sound Agency Between Human and Non-Human World



    Scholars identify various types of sound depending on who/what creates or makes it: anthrophony (sound made by human), biophony (sound made by non-human organisms) and geophony (“or sounds of Earth”, related to earthquakes, tsunami, volcano eruption, thunders, rain, etc.). In my paper,
I will point out that in the field of sound history, studies of sounds generated by nature and of relevant to Earth activities soundscapes, are rare. Drawing inspiration from environmental history (especially environmental history of sound and noise) and from non-anthropocentric approaches, I will discuss the agency of sound in terms of human-nature relations and will focus especially on destructive impact of anthropogenic sound on ecosystems’ soundscape. This issue I will consider as a part of soundscape or acoustic ecology. (abstract)


Jarosław Jaworek



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10 lutego 2019

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