CENSE Annual Conference: MURMURANS MUNDUS - Sonic Ecology
and Beyond, Jan Evangelista Purkyně University, Ústí nad Labem, 3-5 october 2019




Soundscape Ecology in the Perspective of Environmental

and Sound History


Drawing inspiration from environmental history (especially environmental history of sound and noise) and from non-anthropocentric approaches, in my paper I will be tracing the agency of sound in terms of human-nature relations and will focus especially on destructive impact of anthropogenic sound on ecosystems’ soundscape. As scientists point out sound and soundscape can cause physical and mental problems (including sound-death on mass scale caused, for example, by noise). This issue I will consider as a part of soundscape or acoustic ecology, but also as an interesting topic for historical soundscape studies. I will be stressing that sound history (as a new sub-­discipline of historical science) can be used to raise awareness of the destructive force of sound. (abstract)


Jarosław Jaworek



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05 października 2019

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